Joe Swanberg keeps this journal in an effort to document the LOL making process and figure out where all his time and money went.


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  • Tuesday, June 26, 2007


    "The inability to connect in a hyper-wired world is old news given fresh voice in this tragicomic indie about the way we live."

    -Nathan Lee, The New York TImes - (REVIEW)

    "The movie is unusually attentive to the ironies of communications technology: Note the subtle but definite awkwardness that creeps into the conversation after a prospective girlfriend casually tells Alex that she only checks her e-mail once a week."

    -Joshua Land, The Village Voice - (REVIEW)

    "Scruffy, loosely structured and piercingly perceptive about the ways in which technology that supposedly brings people together actually keeps them apart."

    -Maitland McDonagh, - (REVIEW)

    "The film has the quality of something tended to by many affectionate hands, a houseplant that blooms slightly more than it sags."

    -Ed Gonzalez, Slant - (REVIEW)

    " is hilarious, hilariously sad, and incredibly prescient."

    - Aint It Cool News - (REVIEW)

    "LOL is a somewhat stunning mirror on the ways we say things without using words. [Swanberg] reveals himself to be one of the most emotionally astute young filmmakers working today."

    - - (REVIEW)

    "It has no money or stars and is better than every Hollywood release I've seen this year."

    - Cinema Strikes Back

    "LOL is a witty mini-satire of post-collegiates trying to connect romantically and erotically (at least, the women are) in a tangle of up-to-the-minute technology."

    -Gerald Peary, The Boston Phoenix - (REVIEW)

    "Go see this movie! It's funny and original...Joe Swanberg gets the most real, honest performances we've seen
    since the Duplass Brothers"

    - The Duplass Brothers (The Puffy Chair)


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