"This is my pick for best of the fest [SXSW] is hilarious, hilariously sad, and incredibly prescient."
-Ghostboy, Aint It Cool News - (REVIEW)

"LOL is a somewhat stunning mirror on the ways we say things without using words. [Swanberg] reveals himself to be one of the most emotionally astute young filmmakers working today."
-Karina Longworth, - (preview) (REVIEW)

"LOL is a witty mini-satire of post-collegiates trying to connect romantically and erotically (at least, the women are) in a tangle of up-to-the-minute technology. Swanberg plays an impish version of himself who, even in bed with his girlfriend, looks longingly at his computer to check his e-mail."
-Gerald Peary, The Boston Phoenix - (REVIEW)

"Smart, witty, insightful, and dry, "LOL" takes aim at insta-communication and makes a pretty solid case that, despite our being able to reach anybody at any time, most of us still lack the ability to really 'reach' anyone at all."
-Scott Weinberg, - (REVIEW) (4 stars out of 5)

"For non-actors, everyone in this film really pulls their character off extremely well. Kevin Bewersdorf as Alex is a standout."
Don R. Lewis, Film Threat - (REVIEW) (4 stars out of 5)

"For a guy who hates relationship movies, I really liked LOL."
-Micah, - (REVIEW)

"Director Joe Swanberg effectively blends internet T & A sequences, experimental noise interludes, and a mostly-improvised script..."
-Annette, Ain't It Cool News - (REVIEW)


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