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  • Saturday, June 17, 2006

    Provincetown International Film Festival

    Kevin Bewersdorf here, reporting on my solo trip to the Provincetown International Film Festival for a very festive screening of LOL. I dearly missed my festival pals Joe, Tipper, and Chris, but managed to have a gay old time alone.

    I took the high speed ferry out of Boston early in the morning. It was a gray and misty trip, and beautiful because the water moved by so fast. This girl was on the boat. I tried to talk to her, but she went inside.

    Guess who was on the boat? Filmmakers! Front left is my new friend Laura Terruso, who made the hilarious short HIS NAME IS COSMO. Behind her is a dear old friend I met at the Maryland Film Festival, Madeline "Madge" Olnek, who made one of the funniest shorts on the circuit today, HOLD UP. Smiling in the back right is a new friend I met on the dock, Tai Uhlman, director of FOR THE LOVE OF DOLLY, a very sincere documentary about Dolly Parton fans. It was my favorite film I saw at the festival and I reccomend it highly. Looking away from the camera is David Brind, writer/director of the film TWENTY DOLLAR DRINKS starring Sandra Bernhard and Cady Huffman. We all bonded over a nice snack and tried not to get seasick.

    This was my first time in P-town and I was shocked by how small it was. Everything was walkable and hyper quaint, especially the fancy inn the festival put me up in. If you like inns and fudge shops, this is the festival for you.

    We screened at the Whaler's Wharf to a fair sized crowd and luckily the Q&A was pretty standard because it was my first time solo. I was excited to meet Andrew Congdon outside the screening, who works for the podcast ROCKETBOOM. He and his crew did an interview with me, and hopefully you'll be able to check that out on one of their episodes soon.

    Speaking of rockets, this festival was more gay than I ever could have imagined. At the opening night party a shirtless man danced with a watermelon on a table. There were plenty of drag queens around doing karaoke, and I saw John Waters riding past on a bicycle. Most of the films were gay themed except for LOL, and I was curious to see how a mostly gay audience reacted to our movie about straight male relationships. It was fascinating to be the minority - everyone was gay but me!

    Speaking of me, here I am with three very gay and very fun party amigos - Laura, Madeline (Madge), and old friend/festival regular Raymond Lee, producer of the film THE BLOSSOMING OF MAXIMO OLIVEROS. This film played Sundance and has won lots of awards, but I've missed it at every festival I've been to! I love Raymond, he's a sweet guy with such a gentle sense of humor, and I'm so pissed I keep missing his movie. We all got drunk on festival wine at a hotel party overlooking the ocean until we eventually got kicked out of the hotel for being too loud. Sadly I had to leave after only three days! Each festival has been a blast in its own way, so big thanks to P-town festival director Andrew Peterson for programming us. Five word summary of my festival experience: GAY GAY GAY FUN GAY!


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