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  • Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Mix Master

    I found a really nice guy, Brian Crane, from Brain Case Music, who is going to mix and master the sound for LOL. I'm meeting with him today to go over the film once and give him my notes. Then he's going to work on it, and I'm going to watch it with him once more when he's finished, just to do any last tweaks.

    SXSW wants the film by Feb. 20th, and I'm confident I can make that date. It'll be good to have the thing finished and out of my hair for the time being. I'm starting up a new project for called YOUNG AMERICAN BODIES, which is going to take up the rest of February and all of March, so I need to have LOL squared away as quickly as possible.

    Kevin's working on the final version of the soundtrack that we are going to be giving away in Austin. It's going to be a full length CD with a lot of new material that didn't make it into the film. Kind of like when you see "music inspired by the motion picture..." stuff. We're making 1,000 copies. Along with the CDs, we're also printing copies of the poster that you see here.


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