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  • Friday, January 06, 2006

    Big Secret News

    OK, well, we didn't get into Rotterdam, so boo, but we did get into another Festival, so yay! And the Festival we got into is probably the coolest Festival in the world, so nuts to Rotterdam anyway. Who needs them? What Festival has decided to host the World Premiere of LOL? That's secret for now (unless I've already told you). Stay tuned for the announcement in a little over a month.

    Firstly, a new version of this website will be launching. Once we have the trailer and all the new content up, we'll switch it over to the new fancy version. I'm thinking the launch of the new site will be on Monday, January 16th, but that's hinging on us getting everything finished in time. We're working on it.

    We stole one more shot at the airport yesterday, and thanfully were not hasseled. I was nervous again, but it went off without a hitch, and this shot will greatly improve the film in my opinion. It'll just be a little 20 second shot, but I think it will do wonders for the film.

    That just leaves one more shot to grab while Chris is in town. We're either getting it tonight or tomorrow evening. And then it's over. That's it. No more shooting. I can't even believe it's January and I'm still grabbing shots. There was once a time when I told people the film would be finished in late August. Ha. Not even close.

    Here's to an exciting new year!


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