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  • Thursday, December 08, 2005

    Phone Cards

    I got a call from Kevin just now. From Berlin. It's the first time I've talked to him in real time since he left NY in October.

    I sent him a frantic email this morning alerting him that a certian European festival was still considering the film, and wanted to see the final cut. I wanted to see how far he had come with the music, and if there was any way he could get it to me during the next day or two. We discussed it, and he's going to send me the tracks that he has finished for now, and I'll insert those into the new cut, but he's going to keep working on it more, and next week he'll send me everything he has, for the cut that I send to SXSW and a few other fests.

    If you're reading this, send us some positive vibes. It's looking like we have a shot at a really nice Festival run for this new film. We need all the support, friendship, and positive energy we can get.


    jmj said...

    Good luck Joe. You know I'm rootting for you!

    10:40 PM  
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