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  • Monday, November 14, 2005

    Bring n Da' Noiseheads, Bring In Da' Funk

    Kevin is finishing up the noisehead videos and putting them on his server for me to download. Once I have these elements, Kevin gets to take a break for a while, until there's a final cut of the film, and then he's going to take a pass at some more music for it.

    Chris is coming back to Chicago for Thanksgiving, so we are going to use the opportunity to shoot another scene or two to strengthen his character arc. It's great that we get a shot like this to really tighten everything up. I'm also doing some brief re-shoots with Brigid this weekend, to help move some information around and clear a few things up.

    Looks like Kevin should have the final picture lock version of the film by early December, and everything should be totally wrapped up by the middle of that month, if not a bit later. It's funny to think that I was initially aiming to have the film totally finished by the end of August. Four months behind schedule is pretty bad. Totally a result of everyone having a lot else going on, and nobody working full-time on the film, including me, but I should still be more realistic about this stuff next time.

    But even taking as long as it has, I still seem to be working pretty fast compared to most people I know. I'm already itching to move on to the next film. In the meantime, I'm anxiously awaiting the chance to see THE CASSIDY KIDS and I'm busy keeping up with Arin and Susan via their FOUR EYED MONSTERS video Podcasts.


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