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  • Tuesday, November 22, 2005

    Another One Falls and Another One Falls and...

    Another one bites the dust. I've finished shooting with Brigid. We did a few reshoots on Sunday and called it a wrap. I'm going to spend tomorrow morning and afternoon getting that footage edited, and then I'm going to see Chris Wells at about 4PM, and we'll shoot some more footage with him. These are all the last minute little things, the little loose ends that we are trying up.

    When I was initially shooting with Chris in the summer, we didn't have a very good idea of what LOL would be. We were just shooting scenes that we thought would be good. Then he had to leave for the summer and go back to school. Since then the film has come a long way. I worked with Kevin all summer to define what the project was about, and what the tone would be. And now that I know, it's nice to get another chance to shoot some stuff with Chris, some stuff that will really plug into the fully realized film.

    So tomorrow Chris gets his haircut, to look like it did this summer, and then away we go.


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