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  • Tuesday, September 27, 2005

    Falling In Love Again

    A discussion with David Lowery about editing led us to the conclusion that we both fall in love with close-ups and have a hard time cutting away from them. I'll even take it a step farther and say that I fall in love with people during the production of a film, and have a hard time stopping the camera while I'm filming them. It happened to me on KOTM, where I often let Kris and Kate sit there talking, while I gazed on them with the camera. The same is true for scenes of Kevin and Kate, where I would get lost in their performances. The camera allows me to get very close to people, and really look at them, and I always find it beautiful.

    The same thing is happening with LOL. I'm absolutely falling in love with my actors. Chris, Kevin, Brigid and Tipper are all doing such an amazing job, and I'm loving the opportunity to spend time with them and make a film together. I've spoken before about what a bonding experience it is to make a film with people, and I'm already kind of sad that one day the film will be finished and we'll no longer have this particular reason to spend time with each other and be creative.

    As with KOTM, I'm sure I will remain very close friends with everyone who helped on this film, but the love and caring that I feel towards everyone during production will fade. Right now it's kind of like a fatherly thing, where I see the cast as my children (hang in here with me, I know the analogy is lame), and it's an intense love that makes me want to protect them and ensure that they are happy. It's great while it lasts.

    But this brings me back to the close-up. The greatest of all ups. My favite kind of shot. I'm trying to control my useage during LOL. KOTM was full of close-ups, for good reason, but LOL is a differnt film, one that doesn't call for me to be so tight all the time. My natural instinct is to always get in there tight, but I have to always ask myself if it's best for the film, and in this case, a lot of times it's not.

    But I'm still using every opportunity I can to get in there and really look at these people. For a short time, I can fall in love with them, and I don't want to waste it.


    poyboy said...

    I know that love of which you speak. It develops from staring at your actor's faces for hours on the set and in the editing room, learning every expression they can do.

    2:32 PM  

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