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  • Sunday, September 18, 2005

    Burnt Out

    WOW! That was intense. Down to St. Louis, shooting along the way, shooting late into the night when we got there, waking up and shooting more, then driving back home.

    Somehow about 140 minutes of footage was shot during this 24 hour trip. Gah! It'll probably be less than 15 minutes of editing footage in the film. So much extra material. Why must I keep rolling the camera? I just know that the second I stop recording, something great will happen, and I can't take that risk. It's worth looking through 2 hours of footage I'll never use in order to find 10 great minutes. It sucks, but it's worth it.

    Special shout out to Skip for location scouting and acting in the scene, Kate for staying up late and being a great extra set of hands, even though she was sick, and Kate's mom for putting us up, feeding us, and being awesome in general.

    I hate St. Louis a little bit less now.


    kate said...

    see?! st louis benefits everyone!!!

    10:25 AM  

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