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  • Tuesday, September 06, 2005

    Bless the Internet

    I just discovered the greatest message board in the history of the Internet. It's a whole thread devoted to the title of this film. Someone found the IMDb page and got a kick out of the title, and decided to amuse the others on this board. Some people hope that we don't know what "LOL" means. Others think it's lame. Some feel like they have to see the film just because of the title. Some wonder if it's going to be a comedy or not. Some are already talking about sequels. It's great.

    The Greatest Movie of 2006

    I can't believe it's already up to 2 pages. I hope they keep going! I hope even more that they want to be in the movie.

    UPDATE: More hoopla about the title on the IMDb Message Boards.

    I hope all these people want to see the film when it's finished.

    UPDATE 2: Yet another message board with people talking about the title. This is getting strange...

    Something Awful Forum - LOL: The Movie

    UPDATE 3: Another one here and another one here and another one here and another one here.


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