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  • Monday, July 25, 2005

    Ticking clock

    Chris leaves for Telluride at the end of this week. We have about 5 more days to get all of his scenes in the can. I'm not worried that we'll run out of time, but I just know that once he's gone, there will be some little thing that I wish I could get with him, and it will be frustrating not to be able to get it. But that's the way the bee bumbles. We were in this situation with Kevin when we made KOTM, where at a certain point he had to leave to NY to work on another film, and he wasn't going to be back for 2 months, and we had to hurry up and get his stuff shot. It worked out OK then, and I'm sure it will be fine now.

    I've still been avoiding editing, but the other thing that happens at the end of this week is that the company I'm working for is closing down its Chicago office, and I will be working from home, so I will have time then to work on the film when there isn't "work" work to do.


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