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  • Wednesday, July 06, 2005

    Phone Tag

    I heard Kevin's voice for the first time tonight since he left for Berlin in January. Well, for the first time in non-song form. He's back in the area, and we're going to get together sometime this week to start talking about the music and everything else we have to talk about.

    A new cast member has been confirmed, and I'm meeting with people almost every night this week to talk about the film and see if they want to be involved. I'm starting to get really excited about making this thing. With each day it gets less abstract and more concrete. Next week we are shooting at least two scenes before Chris has to get his hair cut for the movie. It's suddenly very real to me. We are going to get together and shoot things that will eventually become this movie. If we do a bad job, we will make a bad movie. Crazy. We must focus and do a good job.

    I've started spending money for the movie. I bought 30 DVCAM tapes last night, and they should arrive on Friday. I'm hoping 30 tapes is enough for the while film. I used 27 for KOTM, but this project already feels bigger, like we might shoot more. I'm going to try and limit everything though, since I know I'm editing. I'll try and be a master conservationist while we're shooting.

    I'm also going to buy a wireless lavalier microphone this week. It will be a great convenience during certain scenes to be free of the cable running to the camera and the boom pole and all that other stuff. I'm excited about being able to shoot people from across the street and still get their audio. I'm excited about putting people in one car, and filming from a different car, and still getting great sound. I'm excited about all the different ways a wireless mic will free up the camera without creating a lot of post-production headaches. Yay wireless!


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