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  • Thursday, July 21, 2005

    Moving Right Along

    More was shot last night, which I think puts us at probably 5 or 6 minutes of useable movie screentime. I like to make wild guesses like this, since I don't have any script or any real idea of how the movie is coming along. Making a blind stab at the running time is a way for me to mentally figure out where we are. So if I guess we are at 5 minutes of usable screentime, I can say to myself, "OK, you have shot about 1/15 of the movie. Now just do what you have done 15 more times." This helps me keep going, and gives me a goal.

    We shot in my apartment last night, and I spent the previous two days cleaning it up so that it wouldn't be a shit hole when people came over. I also redecorated my room because we shot some stuff in there. I bought new sheets for the bed and a new dresser, because I wanted the room to look a certain way in the film. It was funny to spend money on things like sheets and a dresser because I bought the things for the movie, but I just own them, and now they have become my actual sheets and dresser. I guess it's weird to shoot in your own apartment anyway, because you just start living in the movie. Lots of people come over to my apartment and make comments about things that were in KOTM. "Hey, I recognize that from the movie."

    So last night we just did a quick little scene with Brigid and I on the couch and then with her in my room. I took a peek at the footage before I went to sleep last night and it looks fine. Kris came into the city from Evanston to shoot some of the shots, and we all went out for Costa Rican food afterward. It was a fun production night, though my house was so hot that Brigid joked about hardly beaing able to breathe. At least I think she was joking.


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