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  • Friday, July 29, 2005

    Let It Roll

    We shot a crap-load of footage last night. We shot as much last night as we had total up until that point. I think we shot about 80 minutes of footage last night. Most of it was simple improv stuff and all of it had to do with Chris' character. We got most of his scenes done, and by the end of tonight we can pretty much close the book on his character.

    I think I'm going to take the next week to edit all of his stuff before I move forward and shoot with anyone else. I kind of want to know how many scenes I have with his character, and how many of the themes and ideas are covered, so that I don't double up with anyone else. I'm also really curious to find out how much screen time I have with his character, because it will give me a pretty good idea of how long the film will be, and how much I should shoot with everyone else. We're aiming for a fairly short running time, somewhere around 80 minutes, so hopefully Chris' scenes clock in at around 20-25 minutes.

    After I cut all his scenes, I'll also have a pretty good idea if the movie is watchable or not. If I have 20 minutes of edited footage, and a lot of it stinks, I'll know that something has to be fixed. I'm not too worried about it stinking, but I sure hope it's better than just OK. Eh, I'll just have to cut it and find out.

    We're shooting a sort of party/get-together scene tonight. I'm really happy because I'm not in the scene, and I can just work the camera all night and float around and get shots that I like. This is my favorite kind of shooting. I've never done a scene with this many characters before, so it'll be interesting. I'm mostly going to leave people to their own devices, and just drift around, not directing too much. Chris set the scene up, with most of his friends, so I'll let them hang out and do their thing.


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