Joe Swanberg keeps this journal in an effort to document the LOL making process and figure out where all his time and money went.


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  • Saturday, July 30, 2005

    Bon Voyage

    We just finished shooting Chris' last scene. Tomorrow morning he leaves for Telluride to work for the Film Festival. It was a doozy of a final scene, but I'll save the details for later. This means that we have pretty much shot 1/3 of the film. This puts us on pace with another production that's just about 1/3 done as well. Go Bryan and Jake! I'm excited that The Cassidy Kids and LOL are both moving along and will hopefully be finished at around the same time.

    Last night was the party scene, and Chris did a great job getting a bunch of friendly people together for a fun night of shooting. We used his friend Emily's place for the location, and it looked great and I got all the footage I needed.

    Friday was my last day at the office, so from this point on I will be working from home. Here's hoping that facilitates the editing process, because I've certainly been slacking. This week, my main goal is to get all of Chris' stuff edited. It's totally doable, it's just a matter of doing it. Ugh, logging and capturing, my dreaded enemy, we meet again. C'mon footage, please be great!


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